cedar fence blue house and gardenWood fencing made with cedar or pressure treated wood, on average should endure approximately Two decades in line with the International Association of Certified Home Builders. There are lots of types to choose from, but here we concentrate on the 2 most notorious wood fences. Pressure treated wood, that is consistently manufactured from pine, and also cedar, which includes the Western Red, Eastern White and Northern White cedar subspecies.


Western Red Cedar Wood Fence

wester red cedar fence stainedRed cedar forests are indigenous to the pacific plus the north west. The red cedar wood is known for a straight, compact grain with very few knots. It’s a superb, unprocessed product available for designing fences.



Northern White Cedar Wood Fence

white cedar fence around homeWhite Cedar forest is indigenous to Ontario as well as Quebec. As it is sourced close to you, it takes significantly less “materials miles” to move the wood out of the wood mill and into the backyard. For that reason, it should be easier on the atmosphere as well as the credit card.



The Beauty of Cedar Fence

cedar fences 2Cedar is among the most most eco friendly and cost efficient wood fence resources you can find. It’s naturally beautiful, it lasts a long time and is 100% biodegradable. This holds true with regard to Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Cedar and Northern White Cedar wood.



cedar fence 3Cedar is a softwood that has various natural oils. These kind of organic and natural oils protect against black mold, moisture content, deterioration, wood boring beetles and warping without needing supplemental chemical treatment. Cedar will take stain and paint easily, and will continue to last 20-30 years. The wood was grown to withstand heavy weather conditions for extended periods of time. Then again, its unique fragrance together with handsome aesthetics along with its comparatively low required routine maintenance, help make them a reliable up front commitment. Last but not least, cedar wood is more scarce and thereby, higher in price when compared with pine.



Pressure Treated Wood Fencing

Pressure treated wood fencePressure treated wood is typically milled with pine and it is a widely used fencing option around places of residence. The main merits of pressure treated wood would be that it’s cost effective. The Pressure treatment of wood is a procedure which injects chemical preservatives directly into the wood. These chemical preservatives help protect the wood from attacks by carpenter ants and also rainwater rot.


All About PTP Wood Fencing

pressure treated wood corner of fence and postsAs compared to the other types of wood, Pressure Treated pine is going to be a great deal less expensive. In the event you are working with a smaller financial budget, this type of wood will be quite interesting.

Because of the chemical technique, PTP wood won’t have to be replaced very often. The covering should slow weathering and resist bugs. But it’s recommended that all pressure treated pine fencing needs to be stained and sealed. This is what can keep it looking great for a long time and help to postpone aging.


stylish pressure treated wood fence 2It is best to understand that pressure treated wood is poisonous. On account of the chemical substance treatment, the wood is also difficult to throw away. You cannot burn it without risk. Because of this, this is not thought to be a very environmentally friendly product. But that does not prevent it from being a well known wood fence application.





best service and price logoFencing Consistency

Our company’s reputation is founded through accuracy of measurement, which ensures accuracy and precision of estimate. With out having unexpected situations once the crew has disappeared. It means that our teams aren’t going to be rushing to complete the assignment, to fit your estimate.



two guys installing fence in yardHand Made Fence

Our fencing installation is done manually, at your location. Thus insuring that your fence shall stand straight and true for the complete duration of the fences estimated lifespan. Year in year out.



buyer beware yield signBuyer Vulnerability

It’s to your advantage to have an experienced fence builder come to the job site, and provide you a legitimate quote prior to your final decision.




Cedar vs Pressure Treated Wood Fences in Iroquois Ridge South, ON


Fence Related Stress

Are too many fencing ideas stressing you out? It’s not unusual, given the number of options. And besides, it’s not like any of us buy a fence installation on a regular basis, so it’s a lot to process all of a sudden.And that is where we come in. We have been installing fences for a long time. Every home has three elements: style, preference and budget. That is that your building and your property have a certain style and it is important that you fence enhance that style and therefore add to the overall value. Preference refers to personal choice. Out of all of the fence styles, which will enhance your property, there will be one which appeals your personal sensibility. And then budget, there is always a budget and it must be respected as the one factor that keeps the project in check.



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